Friday, 10 August 2012

Weather warnings

This morning there are pictures of houses having their roofs blown off and high wind weather warnings! We are sitting on the 10th floor listening to the wind prowling around the flat screeching like an angry cat! We brought the furniture in off the balcony last night so that it didn't blow off (and checked it for venomous legs on the bottom...!) and curled up in bed under extra blankets!

The wind and rain arrived yesterday while we were walking around the headland from Taronga zoo (a ferry ride from Circular Quay) ...luckily we had just made it back to a coffee and cake place and I had a pudding which tasted like the sound of the lead singers in Aida (work that one out!) We took a very rough crossing back, then train to our nearest shops and hiked home with shopping arriving soaking wet!

It doesn't look like it is raining yet, but we're having a museum day (hurrah!!) There is also a surf warning so no point in going to Bondi beach, especially without my wetsuit. Oh, talking of swimming, news from England - Lottie has had her first swim in the sea, and Freya (mum and dad's dog) looked after her, ahhhh :-)

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