Tuesday, 28 August 2012


As promised here is a little explanation as to my ant-bottom licking activities of the past couple of days.

The weaver-ant has a large green bottom which is full of vitamin C and tastes of citrusy lemony/limey if you lick it. Apparently the ant eats caterpillar slime and converts it into vit c which it stores in its green abdomen ready to be licked! Nite Jeanette told us that they can bite, but if you hold them in the middle and make sure you lick the right end they give you a fantastic shock of taste in your tongue...not unlike limoncello! You can also let them run off unharmed afterwards so it didn't even feel that cruel! One a day has kept a cold at bay, Becky caught it from the children last week but so far I've survived without it!
What I say is, if it's good enough for the aboriginal people it's good enough for me!

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