Thursday, 30 August 2012

Foxface rabbitfish!

What a fantastic day! (I should say now that those of you reading this to find out what Becky is up to should know that it wasn't such a fantastic day for her because she felt very seasick :-( I should probably add that since we have got back on dry land she is perking up a bit, is currently eating crisps and doesn't look the colour of a hotel sheet any more!)

Anyway, back to me! ;-) Apart from Becky's seasickness I have had an almost perfect day! We went on a catamaran with 78ish other people (although it didn't feel like that many) to the Agincourt reef on the outer edges of the great barrier reef. We went to three different sites on this reef and snorkelled for about an hour in each place-it was fantastic to see so many different coral structures. I particularly enjoyed the second one as it was a little reef island that you could swim all the way round and there was layer upon layer of fish going down into the depths. Truly incredible sights, amazing colours, every size of fish (apart from shark!) and plenty of time to explore it all. I took a lot of underwater camera survived the experience...although looking back on it I've decided that it's very difficult to keep a video camera still underwater and there should be a warning to viewers not to watch my footage if they suffer from seasickness!!

We had a lovely lunch and because Becky couldn't stomach any of it I managed to wangle a huge bag of tiger prawns to bring home (I'm not yet sure if I'll eat them, my usual policy is not to eat any food that is looking at me!!)

The only downside to the day (apart from B's seasickness) is that despite being so careful with suncream etc I appear to have forgotten a little strip just below my swimming costume, there's no other way to say this...I can't believe I've burnt my buttocks! Not badly but enough to feel it when I sit down! Grr...

Oh and my favourite fish is the foxface rabbitfish...and I had decided that before I find out what it was called, but now...well there's no contest!

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