Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Surf's up!

What a totally bodacious day! We like went to Bondi beach and caught some awesome surf, dude! I had a mad moment and purchased a body board (also called a "boogie board" by Aussies, and when working out how to transport it on the plane a "bloody board"!)

So anyway I was hanging loose, like, trying not to look like a Judith or a paddle puss when I was hammered by a bomb! Not so boglius bro! But I jumped back on my board looking coolaphonic as I cruised it back into the surf and next time I was on cloud nine, smokin'! A butt crumb? Not I! I was dunzo! Totally bodacious! I came home absolutely noodled!

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  1. Sorry? What was that? I thought you had an English degree!