Thursday, 2 August 2012

I remember the clowns!

Well it's been a funny old day. Packed up and left Melbourne this morning, long wait in airport compared to relatively short flight, landed in Sydney, lost car, found car, drove to "unit", had orientation session from Jeanette, ate dinner she cooked for us, admired the most amazing view of Sydney you'll possibly ever see (and you will see it but you'll have to wait until tomorrow, cos it's dark and I'm exhausted!) We are extremely lucky that Jeanette and Alan have allowed us to stay in their unit because it is truly beyond anything we could have afforded in our wildest dreams. And when I walked into my room I was taken back fifteen years, bizarrely, by the clowns on our beds-J makes them and you can put them into any position as they have all the joints (more or less). Strange what you remember! So I shall leave you with the clowns...

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