Saturday, 18 August 2012


Soft sand, just enough surf to body board, sun hot enough to sit in a wet swimming costume and dry, children to play in the sand with, cake up in the mountains (ish!) on the way home, and a little walk in the dark with a koala hug...what could be better? I suppose I should explain that the koala hug was given by Anna rather than a koala...though I was tempted to leave you thinking I'd found a random koala on the dark walk!

I forgot to take any pictures with my phone as I was too busy playing in the waves, which were a bit warmer even than in Bondi, so you will just have to imagine lying on your back, on your body board, on the sand, shading your eyes from the sun and watching a sea eagle circling way up in the rising air currents, listening to your friend making sandcastles with two small girls with the sound of the surf rolling in, in the background.

I will also leave you with some Jessica logic..."I have found four marbles so I thought that since I am older I could have three and Annabelle could have one...but she could pretend that hers was two." Sounds fair to me!

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