Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Blue Mountains

I didn't mention that yesterday we walked all the way from Bondi Beach down to Clovelly completing another section of the New South Wales coast -we have nearly walked around our entire map in bits (the map is now also in bits!) It is a stretch of coast that is sometimes party to whales but sadly not on this occasion despite much binocular gazing!

Today Jeanette and Alan took us to the Blue Mountains. We set off before 8am...they came and collected us which meant an extra half hour on their journey, then it took about 2 hours to get to Katooma where we were left to our own devices to go and see the three sisters, descend 900 steps, tramp through 2.5km of rainforest, get the steepest train in the world back up (it really is!) And then a cable car over the Katoomba falls and up the rest of the way, and a quick march back to the car! All this we did in two hours...it was quite impressive! Meanwhile Jeanette and Alan had pottered around the shops and had some lunch.

We went to a couple of other scenic shots Leura cascades and Leura itself which is a quaint parade of shops. I nearly bought mum and dad a nodding dog made of scrap metal with its head on a spring (it was much cuter and classier than I've described) but decided it was too expensive and almost impossible to bring back. I should point out that now my body board is my entire checked-in luggage as we're only allowed one piece, presents for anyone are looking like a remote possibility! If I can't fit it in my pocket you can't have it!

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