Wednesday, 22 August 2012

In Cairns quite by surprise!

Today we have said goodbye to lovely Sian and Chris who have been brilliant to stay with (and their gorgeous daughters who are a credit to them) and moved on to Cairns. We were originally going to go back to Melbourne, then Andrew and co. moved to Singapore so we decided to go to Port Douglas but due to a mix-up of dates we have been unable to go straight up there and so are at a backpackers hotel called Njoy (oh dear!) The staff are very helpful, the guy behind the counter when we arrived had a label calling him Buddha...he's calling Becky "Smithy" and me "Emma Darling" a very Australian way! The room is nice for what we're paying. Twin room, air con and a sink, the only slightly annoying thing is the toilets and showers address out of order in our block so we're going to have to go over a bridge to get to toilets on the night! Hey ho, could be worse...I think I've killed the only spider in the room... as it made advances towards Becky from behind I lept up  kicking a cup of water over the for and bashed it with a bag filled with my sunglasses in bits. I asked the lady in specsavers if she could tighten the screws to stop them wobbling and she broke the screw off leaving half of it inside. Apparently it was waiting to happen and she hardly touched it. She had told me there was a slight risk of cracking the lens...but not that the glasses might be in pieces by the end of it...grr! She was remarkably laid back and told me of somewhere in the outback where I could get them fixed for $20. Instead I bought two pairs for $12 which should get me to the end of the holiday if I don't let anyone else touch them!! This afternoon Becky went exploring and I went for a swim in the pool and then hibernated in the room and listened to a lot of reggae (we overlook the pool!)
Ps. The pic is of the Esplanade lagoon in the center of cairns...not our little pool!

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