Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dog log

It has been a miserable windy rainy day as predicted so we did Hyde park, the war memorial and whiled away hours (and I mean hours) at the art gallery. Didn't realise quite how big it was and so spent rather too long in the 18th and 19th centuries where the paintings were crammed on the wall...too much clutter for my liking. However as we moved on to the more modern stuff everything opened out and there was more space to enjoy each work in.
After an hour or two we were ready for coffee but the cafe was packed so we thought we'd just pop down and see the aboriginal floor. Some of the aboriginal art was brilliant. There were also some intriguing sculptures and a pitch black room with a door inside to nothing, that you were supposed to explore in the dark. I'm wondering if actually they had a spare cupboard and thought they'd see how many people would walk into it if they put a sign on the door calling it a work of art, and a body in a bag outside it (!) Anyway, two floors and another hour or more later we finally emerged...artistically saturated! I heard a child saying "can we go now mummy? I'm starving!" And I agreed wholeheartedly with the sentiment!
It was still wild outside when we exited so we headed for a noted coffee shop (noted in the lonely planet I think. I've worked out that sentences starting "it says..." or ending " supposed to be really good" generally refer to LP or a little Sydney guide book that is more easily transported) I consult these authorities once in a while but mostly leave the research to Becky and when asked for an opinion follow my nose (or my stomach if I'm honest!) I think there can only be one serious planner on a holiday otherwise it's a case of too many cooks spoiling the pig's pie (pork mince was cheaper than shepherd.) Anyway the coffee shop was shut so we followed my gut to the wharf where the coffee is good and the donuts call out to me! My fingers are freezing off writing this so I'm going to leave you with two works of art... Dog Log and Old Lady Asleep.


  1. Is that a real old lady and is she really asleep?! Is this what happened to Tracy Emin's unmade bed...?

    1. No, she was quite small! You can't really see from the picture! But it's freakily realistic isn't it?! I keep coming across her on my phone pics and I'm beginning to think I'll have to delete her. She's supposed to be near death...and it's just a bit too realistic!!