Sunday, 5 August 2012

Did I mention the view?!

We had a lazy morning this morning, apart from a swim in the pool downstairs. I tested out my video camera under water and it all worked without catastrophe so that's promising for the great barrier reef! Becky also did some snorkelling in preparation for that trip...I had a flash-back to mum learning to snorkel in that very pool fifteen years ago! As you might have guessed there was no one else in the pool...I think had there been, they may have found our antics rather amusing!

This afternoon we walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge and found a magic place the other side called "Wendy Whiteley's secret garden". It was an amazing mix of tropical plants, higgledy piggledy steps up and down wiggly windey paths and nickety-nackety corners!

We got the train back as it looked like a storm was never brewed but Becky was amazed the seats that can be flipped to face one way or the other on the train so I think we were glad we took it, I certainly was! I've been feeling quite tired this week.

Oh, by the way, the pictures show the view from our balcony again...but one of them shows the unheated outdoor swimming pool (not the one we went in this morn) and the house next to it used to belong to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman! Then after their divorce she sold it and bought a larger property somewhere slightly warmer up the East you do!

It's 8.46pm, I'm thinking about bed!

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