Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sword-wielding direction-givers!

Just got back from a VERY long walk... probably about 7 miles, but it took all afternoon as we kept stopping to take photos.

To be fair we had a VERY lazy morning first...once i had escaped my own execution by running for miles despite having been beaten to within an inch of my life and avoided paying a fine for trying to turn my car lights on by pulling the handbrake whilst driving along... I didn't feel like doing much more than reading my book this morning! I have been having terribly energetic nightmares (and I'm not even taking larium!) and Becky has been waking up in the middle of the night...I don't think the two are connected although I did punch a canvas thing hanging on the wall last night... Anyway we both felt the need to lie around in our pyjamas this morning!

Went up to the Yarra river bend this afternoon. After about 40mins of London-ish walking, up the main road from where we are staying, we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of the countryside! There was a lovely walk along the river and plenty of rainbow lorikeets to keep us entertained-they have a very loud squawk so they're quite easy to spot. I'm not sure if we had gone far enough for it to count as "the bush" but I have had yearnings to go into the outback...I'm reading Bill Bryson Down under and he goes on a train from Sydney into the middle of nowhere...I think Becky might wake up one morning and find that I've gone to live in a village with a population of 40 and more snakes than humans...

Sorry, back to the land of reality...on our way back we were looking a little lost, which is our usual state and seems to tug on the heartstrings of passing Australians who offer us help without even being asked. On this occasion the woman happened to have a small boy with her, holding a sword, and she was holding a sword herself...or perhaps it was more of a cutlass. Well it was very entertaining to watch Becky taking note of all the directions being flung at her whilst dodging the sword, also being flung at her. The woman seemed utterly oblivious of the fact that every time she gesticulated left or right she nearly took Becky's nose off with a plastic cutlass! She even said she would have given us a lift if it wasn't for the boy, the dog and her car being full of rubbish...I was tempted to join her despite all these drawbacks (after fighting for my life last night my limbs are still aching!) but Becky had visions of losing other parts of her body and quickly declined!

We made it home in the end and have just had another enormous plate of pasta with cheese...we are trying to eat up all the food that A&T left behind which included a kilogram lump of is still barely dented!

Sorry, I forgot to take any pictures on my phone today so I will have to show you (any of you lucky enough to live near me!) the video of our beautiful walk when I get back to England.
In the meantime you can have a picture of the Englander I am missing the most! Apparently she was given an accommodation upgrade from her crate to being allowed to sleep with the other dogs...but has blotted her copy book by trying to pull up the new kitchen floor tiles so she will be back in her crate tonight!

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