Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sunny in Sydney

Well, we're sitting in the sun in Rushcutters Bay Park eating ice cream looking out at the sea and wondering which high rise building is the one we are living in, and Melbourne with its coldness, traffic and Londonness seems a million years away.

We took a bus into Circular Quay this morning, home of the opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge and mosied around, got some information from a shack with a big i, ate some lunch and then pottered home, through the botannical gardens and along the front round the coast.

When I say pottered home we haven't actually made it home, but when we do we will work out just which building we are in and probably go for a swim in the pool. At the moment we are watching a strange event where lots of Australians are dressed up in teams representing different countries...the England team have police hats on their heads...obviously...and are about to do some kind of race...!

In the background of the picture are the several options of where we might be living at the moment! Will let you know...

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