Thursday, 16 August 2012

"Sorry...erm...I've lost my goat!"

Well I've had more enlightening conversations today than in the last couple of months! If only I could remember them all. The above was said by almost-three year old Annabelle quite out of the blue as she walked into the room. By some miracle I knew where the 10p size goat was that she had been playing with several hours earlier! And 4 yr old Jessica is lovely too -the picture was taken during our pyjama ukelele concert last night. She had a look of utter concentration on her face as she even changed chords, but it was quite impressive! Anna's rendition of 'London bridge' had  a few extra "falling downs" just to emphasise the point but we all cheered loudly! Then Becky read us all a bedtime story and I could quite happily have climbed into bed too...except I'd have missed dinner!
Today the girls and Sian went off to meet some friends and Becky and I walked along the coast. If there is a bit of coast nearby that's generally what we do! we all arrived home together, so I've just been having a powernap to the merry sound of "its raining!"..."where's your raincoat?"... "look at the rain on the window"... The sky is as blue as it was half an hour ago, and it's still 27° so I can only assume that the weather is so lovely in Brisbane that the children here make-believe that it is raining for its novelty value!

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  1. Hi Emma. Glad to hear you're having fun. I was just on the 18.14 not really sure how to entertain myself for my hour's commute an thought I know what I'll catch up on Emma's blog. So I have just read the whole thing and been thoroughly entertained. I'm intrigued about how musicians get chickens on their heads in the opera house and whether this is common. Perhaps some sort of good luck break a leg type thing? Alsohave resolved that I really must get a copy of Aida. Hope the fun continues. Jem xx