Sunday, 12 August 2012

Choppy seas and small triangular sandwiches

The sun finally showed its face again today, if only momentarily before a cloud was rudely blown over it. We took a very choppy crossing on the ferry to Manley where we had an hour to explore two beaches, watch some surfers and eat our picnic before Jeanette picked us up to take us to a concert.

Jeanette is the deputy chairperson of The Australian Auditions Committee which supports up and coming singers by paying for them to go abroad to study for example. There were three singers this aft - Cathy Zhang has just graduated from Royal Academy of Music in London and was going back for a part-time post with Operaworks, Eva Kong and Michael Vaiasinni, a tenor who has just spent 8 months in Italy staying with Pavarotti's family (as you do!) and they have adopted him apparently!

They did all have very pleasant voices and I greatly enjoyed their performances (and took some video for when certain members of my family ask difficult questions!) None of them quite had the amazing sounds we heard in the opera house, but that is why they are on their way up! I also heard a similarly amazing sound by Mimi at a production of La Boeme in Kent but that's another story.

There was a high tea provided afterwards and we met by chance a woman who used to live in York and a man who used to live in Beverley! Bizarre-there were only sixty people there! Ferry home, last bit of Olympics and bed! Goodnight :-)

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