Friday, 31 August 2012

Trouble in ant-world

I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about my ant-licking habits... Today after I had licked my ant and let him run off, I watched what happened next. He ran off seemingly quite happily, but when he meet another ant they touched feelers together, and it was almost like the other ant said, "what happened to you? What's that slime on your bottom?" Then he turned to the next ant and said, "oy, look what happened to Bertram...he's looking a bit peaky..." Who turned to the next one and said, "you won't believe that I've just seen, coffee and have a look!"

And all of a sudden, loads of ants had dived on top of poor Bertram inspecting his bottom and stroking his body. I watched for about five minutes and then I lost sight of which one was Bertram, so I'm not entirely sure whether they were reassuring him, or whether he had fainted and they were tearing him limb from limb from limb from limb from limb from limb!

Sadly while I was transfixed on my balcony, the sun was setting and the mosis (possibly in league with the ants and wreaking revenge!) started biting! Grr...I've done so well up to now but in the last couple of days I've neglected my anti mosi spray and possibly as a result of sleeping with my burnt buttocks outside the sheets I now have quite a lot of bites on my arms and legs!

Ooh, BB update-Aloe Vera gel works wonders, I can sit down again :-)

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