Monday, 6 August 2012

$102 million

Went on a gorgeous walk round the coast to the right of Darling Point this morning. Came across two lovely beaches, one with a cafe and a raised walkway that went round a section of the sea meant for swimming in. There were metal bars coming down from the walkway to stop nippy, stingy, bitey things from getting in. I fully intend to go for a swim there later this week (but not tomorrow because I'm going whale watching -hurray!)
Just been on the Sydney Opera House tour...which cost us almost enough to rebuild one of the sails in the roof (approximately!) It was very interesting though. Went in all the different concert halls and theaters and heard some stories about chickens landing on cellists heads and Pavarotti refusing to set foot on a purple carpet (there you go, you don't really need to go on the tour now-I will happily embellish these stories for you at a later date!)
It was interesting to see all the plans for the architecture of the building and to hear the story behind it's was supposed to take 3 years to build and cost $7 million, but it took 10 years and cost $102 million. To rebuild it now would cost billions though, and it only took the eighteen months then to raise the deficit using a lottery along other forms of fundraising.
We are now sitting waiting to see Aida this evening...I am sooooo excited! I probably know the music better than any opera after seeing it in Verona many years ago and listening to my double CD countless times since. I always remember grandad telling me that the last scene with the offstage chorus brings a tear to his eye. I fear there may be more than a tear if the production is good. Sadly no elephant though in this production.

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