Monday, 20 August 2012

"Hurry up monkeyface!"

Yesterday we went to visit Jill and her brother, who are living about an hour from where we are staying.  It was so lovely to see her - she has been here in Brisbane for four months caring for Stephen, but he is doing much better now and she is actually going back to England tomorrow, so we just caught her.  I am really looking forward to having her living round the corner again, there's nobody quite like her.  We had coffee with them, then walked down to the river where we picked up the City Cat ferry into the centre of Brisbane.  Its very speedy!  Had lunch, did a "lonely planet" wander round the city, through some swampy mangroves and visited St. Stephen's cathedral which is surrounded by shiny tower blocks - crazy juxtaposition!! A mad man on a bike came and asked Becky to help him find a marble figure of Jesus in a clam shell....I think he was on a treasure hunt or something and running out of time!

We both had affogatos in a mall, very swish - you get ice cream in a glass and espresso coffee in a jug and you pour the coffee over the icecream...gave me enough zing to drift back to the station!  I was tired yesterday as didn't sleep brilliantly, so needed a few caffeine highs to get me through the day!

Today we pottered on the beach with the children and went to another park where Becky played with them for ages with boundless energy.  Having had to take paracetamol in the night I was tired again so I sat in the sun chatting to Sian.  Chris of course was at work!  We came home and played sleeping lions for a while on the veranda and then went to another park where Jessica and I spent a long time examining the ants and their path from the sandpit to their nest. She gave them regular water pit-stops with her bottle of water, which I'm not sure they entirely appreciated, but she was fascinated.  Sian went shopping while we played in the park and then we came home and had a movie night!  Annabelle was curled up asleep under my arm by the time the Emperor was parading in his new clothes.

We are currently babysitting so that Sian and Chris could go out for a meal, and so far there has not been a single squeak from the bedroom (a loud snore on one occasion, but nothing more concerning!)
Today's post title is another quote but I'm going to leave it to you to guess who said it to me!  There's nobody quite like her :-)

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