Wednesday, 8 August 2012

8 mile amble

Yesterday we set off to catch a ferry from Double Bay (the ferry stop closest to us and at the bottom of the map picture below) to Watsons Bay (at the top right of the map). However it turned out that the ferry didn't go to Watsons Bay or indeed anywhere near it, so we got off at Rose bay and decided to walk up the coast instead.
It was the most beautiful day; not a cloud in the sky, and the most beautiful walk along past little coves and inlets, up through trees and down grassy hillocks...well you get the idea. And every view had twinkling sea in the background. When we got to shark bay I made enquiries about the rope around the bay that had no net attached to it...! Apparently they had taken it away for cleaning!! The guy serving coffee assured me that he had never seen anybody eaten (possibly because normally there were nets!) I said I was more concerned about jelly fish as people have warned us but he didn't seem too worried...probably because he was behind a counter serving coffee rather than bare but for a swimming cosi!
Anyway, there was someone else swimming so I dived (tentatively) in, leaving Becky on fin-watch. Having established that the water was warmer than Brixham and seemed jelly-free I went back for my snorkel and saw a huge array of sand-coloured fish ...some enormous ones and some small vicious-looking ones which, I think, lurk on the bottom in the sand and gnaw on your feet when you step on them. I also back-flapped away from an enormous shark-like log but survived with all my limbs intact and suitably refreshed, ready for my coffee and canoli (pastry thing with custard in and nothing like cannelloni)
We hiked on and the next stop was Camp Cove where I had another swim and took my camera under the waves, and then was extremely ready for lunch. There were a couple of very light, small jelly fish type things in the water but they didn't have tendrils...I still avoided them thanks to my snorkel.
Onwards, ever upwards and we landed at Watsons Bay, only hours after the ferry would have landed (had it existed.) We walked around a headland with a lighthouse on top and followed a random guy's helpful advice to go down onto the rocks and climb round the scenic route...only to find that there was no way back up and with the tide advancing on us it was too risky to continue round another rocky outcrop. Becky beat a hasty retreat, in fact I have never seen her move so fast, and I brought up the rear, panting only a little.
We continued back to where we started, passing Lady Bay for the second time that day. Lady bay was notable for its distinct lack of ladies, and veritable plethora of penises (peni?!) It is the first nudist beach we've come across, and Becky didn't want to go down to it!!
After a couple more views, a dropped ice cream, an unregistered order for a cup of tea and a trot to Jacobs ladder and back we got the bus home. Becky tackled a very sarcastic bus driver as to where we should go for the bus home, and we were told to wait "where all the people are standing" He then drove 2 meters down the road, while we walked that distance and let us get on! I have to comment that he is the first Australian who has not been helpful-usually people are offering us directions or advice (on scenic rock routes!) before we have even asked for it. There must be something about us that screams, "we are lost and we need your help...there is no way we are going to read this map or survive kangaroo attack without your advice!" I don't know what it is.

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  1. The driver maybe is a sportsman and upset at the British success at the Olympics!