Saturday, 4 August 2012


Becky and I have been invited to a party next door this evening. There are only two other people on our floor-a gay couple with two cats. Well, they are hosting "Priscilla- Queen of the desert" sing-a-long and for some reason we agreed to go...I've never seen the film and so singing along could be tricky. I am currently drinking coffee and eating chocolate in an attempt to stay awake, nay arrive with a bit of get up and go (the problem is I've got up and gone earlier). The only appealing thing about it so far is that it is the only party I've ever been to where I will be able to turn up in my socks leaving my shoes at home! I will report back later, wish us luck... (and if it's all a disaster I shall blame Becky for agreeing to it in the first place...!)

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