Friday, 27 July 2012

True irony

Becky's brother and his family are moving to Singapore next week and we were looking for accommodation in Melbourne (which is currently colder and wetter than England...which is saying something!) After discussing several options and the possibility of 12-bed dormitories, we decided that actually it was cheaper to scrap our flight to Sydney on 5th and start again with a flight on 2nd. If Jeanette (Lawrence's godfather's ex-wife's mother!!) is able to let us into the unit in Sydney early that will be great and if not, we will bring forward our trip to the Blue Mountains and do that before Sydney. And the true irony? The one flight that we had ensured ourselves for three times (due to a farcical Debenhams policy that didn't cover internal fights...but that's another story) we will not even be getting on! grr....

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