Monday, 30 July 2012

Toothbrushes and tantrums!

I feel like I've just got back from London! We've just walked around the center of Melbourne, visiting the apparently famous Federation Square...all I can say is it wasn't very square. It had some interestingly shaped buildings around it, and quite a lot of fake grass, and I narrowly escaped being dragged into another museum, but there's not much more to say...didn't even see any pigeons!

Then we went to find a post office (don't get your hopes up, there will be no postcards from me!), and an internet cafe to print off our flight tickets, then walked down the river and got a metro home. So like I say, London-esque!

This morning on the other hand was brilliant! We went on a boat to Williamstown and saw some great views of Melbourne from the river. We had a humorous pilot (oh the brits do love their humour-i bet we're the only country to have had a humorous Olympic opening ceremony) and the sun also came out so we could sit outside on deck especially on the way home.

We had lunch after a long wander accompanied by a long tantrum (in the end I told Becky that if she didn't want to go in her pushchair she was going to have to walk by herself!) Because the ferry was on a winter timetable our only option was to come back at 1.30pm or get several trains so we headed home. Molly cleaned most of the boat on the way home (with a baby wipe and my toothbrush which had been brought with us this morning to prevent tantrum number 1 of the day!) and was happy as could be! Luckily I saved the free toothbrush they gave us on the last flight...

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  1. I'm glad that you're getting lots of practice with dealing with tantrums before you meet your godchild.