Saturday, 28 July 2012

More museums...

If Melbourne is not famous for its museums, it should be! We've done another one this morning and had lunch there-it was a very good museum actually and I learnt that there was a prehistoric mammoth-type creature in Australia related to the wombat. It looked like an enormous wombat...and a lot cuddlier than the mammoth. I'd quite like to bring one home...except it might eat Lottie. I forgot to check if it was a herbivore or not.

I also found some museum bugs which eat away skin and flesh from a dead animal so that you are left with a perfectly clean skeleton. It's much more effective than a human cleaning it so they use them in the museum to clean carcasses-genius!

Just had afternoon power nap-museums are tiring! Mollie is also asleep, and from the snoring coming from upstairs I reckon someone else is too (it's too loud to be Molly).  Either that or we were followed home by a prehistoric wombat...

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