Saturday, 28 July 2012

Immigration museum

I forgot to say that we went to the immigration museum in Melbourne today. It was a really interesting place actually, contrary to how it sounds in title! One floor was all about identity and what gives you your sense of identity and the other was about travelling to Australia in various conditions through the ages and being allowed or not allowed into the country. I was astonished to discovery that Australians seem to be getting more racist over time, while the rest of the western world is trying to eradicate racism. Apparently there is still a faction that wear t-shirts that say "F off we're full." Then I thought about it some more and realized that a lot of people in dear old blighty still believe that we are over-run by immigrants stealing all our jobs...unaware of the statistic that it is in fact less than 1% of our population who are immigrants (well it was last time I checked!) The people who believe we are overrun may as well wear the same t-shirts really!

This has all got a bit heavy for a Saturday night (it's 9.40pm here) so I shall just finish by saying that if anyone has got hold of a video of me holding four semi-blown balloons in my mouth whilst entertaining Molly who just kept saying "more"...If you even think about putting it on YouTube I shall track you down and use my newly-learned wombat combat techniques on you!!


  1. Actually unless you're a good and proper Celt through and through, we're all immigrants - Angles, Saxons, Normans, Vikings - you name them, we're probably related to all of them! (Sorry that was a boring History Teacher moment wasn't it) Glad you're improving your mind as well as having lots of fun.